• RuMeID Luggage Tag
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  • Description
  • Your luggage will never lose you with the RuMeID system.  This tag allows you to update your location in real time using globally recognized QR Code technology. With the RuMeID, the finder will see your updated information.

    • USA Made
    • Available in Black with the full color Cadillac logo centered on the front

    Here's how it works:
    1. Register each new RuMeID product by scanning the QR code with your smartphone, or simply logging onto the unique URL printed below it. Registration takes only a few seconds, and any additional information can be easily updated later.
    2. Add your registered RuMeID product to any item that can't afford to be lost.
    3. When found, your item's QR code/URL can be scanned and your selected contact information will be retrieved from our website.  You can then be contacted to get your item from the finder.
    To help encourage use of the RuMeID system, RuMe will give rewards to those good Samaritans who contact the owner of the lost property.