V-Driving Gloves - Men
  • V-Driving Gloves - Men

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  • Description
  • These signature pair of driving gloves are perfect for the performance enthusiast. The modern-classic design blends intricate details with a V-Series red accent. Made from hairsheep leather; a sheep that grows fine hair rather than wool – resulting in mark-free leather with the smoothest finish, natural strength and elasticity. A durable yet supple pair of driving gloves crafted for lasting comfort and refinement.

    • Classic driving glove style with cut-out back, knuckle holes and perforated detailing
    • Unlined for a closer fit and better grip
    • Half pique stitching – combines inseam stitching (seams hidden on the inside of the glove) and pique stitching (one seam overlaps the other) for a smooth appearance
    • V-Series stud fastener with center-closing wrist strap that helps adjust the fit for maximum comfort
    • Elasticated inner wrist for a snug and secure fit
    • Gloves measure on the wrist for a sleek and streamlined look
    • Slim fit offers sleek and flattering silhouette
    • Available in a range of sizes

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